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Ante Gadza: The Newest Addition of RK Vardar

After Zlatko Horvat, who signed for HC Metalurg and Stipe Mandalinic for Eurofarm, the Macedonian handball teams, according to the Croatian media, seem to have gone “shopping” for Croatian handball players. The latest on the list is Ante Gadza, a former PPD Zagreb player. According to Mihajlo Mihajlovski’s statement for SPORTMEDIA, Ante Gadza is the latest member of Vardar, with...

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3 Things you need to know about Internet Gambling

Have you ever considered Internet gambling?With a market value of more than $ 48 billion, online gambling is rising much faster than many people anticipate.The human tendency to gamble encourages the need to open up new platforms that will meet this need without you having to leave your home. It seems ideal for this time when the Coyd virus is...