Two Best Platforms for Online Freelance Work

Did you know that every 4 seconds someone buys a service? If you have the skills, and everyone has some, then it’s time to turn that skill into income. If you are wondering how, make sure you stay with us to check the two best platforms for online freelance work.

Given the moments we live in and which are likely to continue in the coming months, now is the ideal time to make money from what you know and from the comfort of your own home.

Surely you are wondering now, what do I need for this? And where would I start? With today’s trends and the development of job opportunities, the number of platforms that offer earning opportunities has increased. If you are not sure where to start, then this article is for you.

In addition, we will introduce you to 2 possibilities that you can try, even if you are a beginner and have no experience. You just have to dedicate some time and create a profile or choose one of the options we present. The one that suits you the best.

Our first suggestion today for online freelance work is to try the Fiverr platform. If you want to try a part-time job that will bring you extra income, it is worth reading this article that will guide you on how to become part of thе Fiverr platform.

Who can become a member of this platform and What does it offer?

fivver community

If you know how to work at WordPress, design a logo, write an article, create a marketing strategy or, more simply, write someone’s short biography or cover letter, have online cooking lessons, language, fitness and so many more. For a full description of all the skills you can sell or if you need to buy them from someone, take a closer look at the page, whose link is given below.

If you have no idea what you could sell as a skill we are sure you will find it after reviewing all the categories on the site, which is one of the best platforms for online freelance work.

The best thing is that it does not cost anything, i.e. membership is free, so you can start working immediately. All you have to do is take some time to create the profile. Follow the link below and get started.

Step One: Create a Profile

The first thing you need to do is create your user profile. You can log in very easily using your Facebook account, Google Account, or enter your email address directly.

The simplest way is to continue clicking “Continue with Google”. For that, you need to be logged in with your e-mail, i.e in the Google account.

log in fivver

By simply clicking join, you are part of fiverr, and you have created a user account. Since you want to offer your services, you need to create a profile by pressing the button – Become a Seller or Become a Seller.

join fivver

Step Two: Stand out from the crowd

What makes you YOU? What is it that you can do for others and contribute in the best way, or in an original way that is unique to you? Think about it before you create and complete the profile.

Always think of the one who buys – what you can offer him/her and thus help him solve the problem. What is also important is to personalize your profile, i.e to give it a character, because that way it is easier to build trust with customers. In other words, add a profile picture to create a rapport with your future customers.

Be as specific and detailed as possible in describing your skills and what you offer. If you have pre-made things or a portfolio, you can attach the links from them.

The important thing is that if you want to offer more services, you can do it by creating special posts for each skill. It is much better than just listing skills under one post.

What are the disadvantages of this platform?

One of the things you have to consider is the huge number of competitors. It’s not easy at all, although it’s not impossible to get the first job. But that is also the case with other such platforms.

The commission is also one of the things we would consider a platform shortcoming. If you are a beginner and charge $ 5 for a small service, consider that Fiverr takes $ 1 for it. This is a 20% commission, which is also common with other platforms.

What about the payment?

This is a question that is important to everyone. Payment is possible through a bank account, PayPal or Payoneer. Choose what is the best option for you. Many of the users choose PayPal or the second best option is to open a Payoneer account or sign up for a Fiverr card also in cooperation with Payoneer. The minimum amount you can withdraw from this account is $ 5.

Worth a try!

The Second Platform that we are looking at today is Upwork.


Who is this platform for and what opportunities does it offer?

Much like the previous platform, this internet market offers a variety of opportunities to sell or buy services. Take a look at the picture to get an idea of the categories that are only partially displayed here.

upwork categories

Very similar to the previously described, here you will need to create a user account and profile. Of course, this is free, but the application itself is subject to approval, so you need to be careful about the categories you apply for, because in some categories, for example, “painting landscapes” due to lack of this type of demand, your application could be rejected.

What is the difference between the two best platforms for online freelance work?

Upwork or Fiverr

If we compare the two platforms that seem to look the same, we will see substantial differences. To get a job at Fiverr you need to list your skills and create a “job offer” that offers solutions to various problems and you use your skills for that; while at Upwork you have to apply for a job and you require so called Connects for this. If you do not have the Connects, you need to buy (this costs $ 0.15 per connect). Each member of Upwork initially receives a certain number of connects with which you can use to apply for a job posting.

These connects are not required if you are re-hired by the same client or the client is offering you a job, which is usually difficult at first. You need to actively apply for multiple job postings and do not give up. Here, as everywhere, the competition is numerous and the probability of getting an engagement is certainly higher if you have a larger number of applications and a lower price.

In terms of payment, both platforms are secure and payment always goes through them. Fiverr always takes a 20% commission for mediation and Upwork until the first made $ 500, also charges a 20% commission which is then reduced to 10% and 5% in proportion to the increase in earnings. Both platforms need some 14 days for the money to “get to your account”.

Take a closer look at both platforms and decide which one is best for you in terms of what you offer. Take the first step and We are sure you will not regret! And surely do let us know and share your experience.

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